Cross Trainers

Elliptical cross trainers are ideal for the home enthusiast or serious athletes or anyone with joint injuries. The Fitness Equipment Warehouse showroom team will assist you in determining which cross trainer works best for you.

Cross trainer machines offer a lower exertion level with very little effort compared to other exercise equipment. These certainly afford you a full body workout from top to bottom with next to no stress on your joints. Unlike other equipment that concentrates on specific areas of the body, cross trainers are an excellent body workout. A perfect addition to any home or office gym, our elliptical cross trainers offer an optimum cardio workout solution for those who work from home, those who are time challenged or are stay-at-home parents or those who simply want top-up workouts routines when they are unable to reach the gym.

Bodyworx EXT200 Cross Trainer

RRP: $799.00 Our Price: $650.00

BODYWORX E916 Cross Trainer

RRP: $1 199.00 Our Price: $900.00

York 230 Self Generating Crosstrainer

RRP: $1 299.00 Our Price: $990.00

Bodyworx E1000 Cross Trainer

RRP: $1 399.00 Our Price: $1 299.00

Horizon Fitness Andes 3 Folding Cross Trainer

RRP: $1 699.00 Our Price: $1 499.00

Bodyworx E2000 Cross Trainer

RRP: $1 899.00 Our Price: $1 595.00

Horizon Endurance 4

RRP: $1 999.00 Our Price: $1 699.00

Bodyworx E3000 Cross Trainer - Light Commercial

RRP: $2 299.00 Our Price: $1 849.00

Horizon Endurance 5

RRP: $2 299.00 Our Price: $1 899.00


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