Vortex V500 Spin Bike

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Looking for an affordable spin bike at an entry level price but packed with features and built to high structural standards? Why choose between saving money or having a quality spin bike when you can have both?

The Vortex V500 Spin Bike has been designed in the USA for anyone seeking a performance, quality spin bike to train confidently in the privacy of your own home.

The modern contemporary style finishing of the V500 will draw you back to keep your training on track. All the features you would expect from a gym / class spin bike have been included so you can reach your weight loss and cardio fitness goals efficiently and safely.

Everything is adjustable to suit any user size. With some quick and easy pop-pin adjustments the Handlebar height can be shifted up and down whilst the seat can be moved up, down, forward and backwards providing suitable training positions for any user height and specialised training exercises.

Non-slip, multi-grip coated handlebars have been precisely angled for optimal, exercise specific ergonomic positioning.

The Vortex V500 Spin Bike seat is designed for comfort but also firm enough to suit rigorous exercise. Full commercial grade, heavy duty upholstery and padding means you don’t need to worry about rips and tears.

Cardio and fitness training on the Vortex V500 is as easy as 1-2-3. Get on the bike, strap into the pedals and start cycling. Turn the fly-wheel tension knob whilst pedaling to adjust the resistance for flat out sprints or turn it up and get up off the seat for those mountain climbs.

Sprints, marathon and interval training can all be performed with ease. Everything you need to do a Spin class session in the privacy of your own home has been built into this bike.

The Vortex V500 Spin Bike also includes two front wheels allowing easy movement by lifting the rear of the frame and pushing or pulling the bike and four adjustable stabilisers under the base of the frame.