Crossfit Exercise Equipment in Perth – WA

Established in 2009 Fitness Equipment warehouse has being providing comprehensive Gym and fitness solutions for the police, special forces, government agencies, schools, mines, corporate sector and personal fitness instructors for nearly a decade, during that time we have seen the birth of the Cross-fit regimens revolution . The Cross-fit system is component based, it can be singular or have multi cell units as it is completely modular, so you can design a system to suit the space available and the fitness level you require

The exercise options and potential is endless  with so many components available now and more being released in the future you can expand your business or your fitness level as the needs arise.

The Cross-fit system is a unique system as it can be put together by anyone who can yield a spanner, as it is simple and modular, it is only limited by the space available and unlike other gym equipment which is usually limited to specific exercises, it has various exercises options to optimise your circuit training and perform many different tasks by any number of athletes at the same time, so you can build bulk, stamina, strength and endurance in isolation or in group sessions.

If interested in joining the Cross-fit revolution but don’t know where to start ? We can assist you and give guidance once we know the size of your gym area and its height, our fully qualified team will answer all your questions and give you the right advise with no pressure and will save you heaps into the bargain.

Are you interested in joining the Crossfit revolution, but you have no Crossfit exercise equipment? We can give you some guidance on what gear you need to get started. Are you already into Crossfit but you want to do your WOD’s (workout of the day) at home rather than at the box, and you want to know the best places to buy the gear? We can help you with that too.

Fortunately, Crossfit uses a minimal amount of equipment so the list to get started is relatively short and there are deals on packages you can take advantage of. Still, if you are starting with nothing, it may seem like a lot. We will show you the necessities, the extras, and who has the best prices for quality gear you can trust to last a lifetime. We have also included multiple Crossfit package deals as well as some stand-alone pricing.

  • Crossfit WOD Equipment Checklist
  • Bar and Bumper Plates Only Packages
  • Minimal Crossfit Equipment Packages
  • Nearly Complete Crossfit Package Deals
  • The Warrior Complete Crossfit Package Deal
  • Bumper Plate Only Sets
  • Barbell Suggestions for Crossfit
  • GHD Shopping Tips

Is cash flow holding you back from adding to your commercial fitness facility, home-based gym or CrossFit box? Are you trying to sell your commercial or CrossFit equipment or down-size that home-gym that has been gathering dust?

Whatever your gym equipment challenges, Fitness Equipment Warehouse has the solution!

Benched is a supplier of affordable new and pre-owned Crossfit gym supplies – we buy, sell, exchange and lease out. Our chosen line up consists of a broad selection of commercial, functional and home-based gym equipment. Our equipment flies off the Bench, so don’t waste time, contact our specialised team for a personal touch of service.

Fitness Equipment warehouse is constantly striving to find new methods and new accessories to support the cross-fit and power cage system’s, So visit our large showroom and try out the variety of strength equipment on display, everyone has an affinity to certain exercises and pieces of equipment let us help you find yours as you will develop a lot quicker.

Fitness Equipment Warehouse pride ourselves in providing true customer service from the first inquiry, the advice given, the selection of equipment, the delivery and install if required, we treat everyone like we ourselves would like to be treated. Simple I know but how rare is it these days.

Fitness Equipment Warehouse offers a huge range of accessories to support the power cage and cross fit equipment rang. Visit our showroom to try out our variety of strength equipment. Our range of power racks for sale, and cross fit equipment in Perth is the envy of the industry can be adjusted to suit all requirements. If you are unsure of which power cage or rack will best suit your training sessions, our fully qualified team are on hand to answer all your questions and advise you accordingly.