Outdoor Fitness Equipment

Outdoor Fitness Hub – Improving your lifestyle.

Perfect for councils, parks, sportsgrounds, campsites, schools, correctional facilities, offices, public spaces, sporting clubs, caravan parks and outdoor public arena’s to give the opportunity to provide your community with Outdoor Fitness Equipment.

The fitness hubs allow people to use commercial gym equipment – outdoors – at no cost. Using your own body weight as resistance for an all over workout.

  • Installed world wide
  • Made from quality products – able to withstand all weather conditions
  • Focused on core stability, cardiovascular and weight loss
  • Designed to harness the user’s bodyweight as resistance
  • Maintained to the highest standards
  • Targeted towards specific body parts and muscle groups
  • 36 month warranty

We supply full assembly and installation instructions with all the equipment that we represent, In addition to our extensive 3 year warranties, we also hold a stock of spare parts and are available directly on the phone and email for immediate support.

Chin Up Bars

Our Price: $2 145.00

Spin Bike

Our Price: $2 145.00

Dual Sit-Up Bench

Our Price: $2 420.00

Rowing Trainer

Our Price: $2 599.30

Ergonomic Bike

Our Price: $2 851.20

Leg Extension

Our Price: $2 946.90


Our Price: $3 254.90

Back Butterfly

Our Price: $3 280.20


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