The best exercise treadmills in Perth.

Fitness Equipment Warehouse is a premier outlet for quality treadmills throughout Perth and Australia. Our range is recommended due to the high quality of our products and our low prices. We deal directly with all the major brands and suppliers allowing us to offer a wide selection of strength and cardio equipment at discounted prices. Contact us for more info.

Our variety of treadmills for sale will suit everyone from entry level walkers to experienced athletes. If you are unsure of what you require, we will help you find the right apparatus to accommodate your individual requirements.

You can also visit our impressive showroom and try out several models in a friendly, no pressure environment. The Fitness Equipment Warehouse team is highly experienced with comprehensive knowledge on all makes and models. They will recommend the best treadmills for you to buy. We understand which running machines work for joggers and walkers who want to get fit and lose weight without leaving the comfort of their homes or offices.

Treadmills allow you to enjoy cardio workouts at your home, while offering safety from the harsh outdoor elements. Our treadmills for sale offer various incline levels that work for the different high-impact requirements of our clients; several are equipped with features to enhance your workout experience.

In our range of treadmills we have several models that include iPad and tablet connectivity with Wi-Fi access, enabling you to use applications such as Google Earth. Enjoy the features while getting into shape, it takes your mind off the exercise you are doing, allowing you to enjoy it even more.

The perks of exercise treadmills are prolific because the entire activity works on a range of physical functions. The cardiovascular benefits include strengthening your heart, lungs and blood circulation, all of which reduce the risk of a heart attack. Your bone density increases helping to combat osteoporosis, and you also naturally feel more motivated because your mental health and overall well-being improves. It really is a win-win scenario.

If you’re looking to purchase state of the art or cheap treadmills, you’ll want to consult the professionals to ensure you purchase a machine that suits your requirements, is cost effective and will withstand the test of time.

Get started with a new exercise regime that will boost your mental and physical well-being, without leaving your home. Treadmills are proven to increase physical fitness and improve mental health, so contact the treadmill specialists today. Fitness Equipment Warehouse has everything you need from Bodyworx treadmills to weights, mats, boxing bags, accessories, and so much more. Contact us today.

Extreme Sports ES 660B Treadmill

RRP: $1 200.00 Our Price: $900.00

Horizon Fitness Adventure CS Treadmill

RRP: $1 299.00 Our Price: $1 099.00

Bodyworx Seattle L1

RRP: $2 199.00 Our Price: $1 685.00

Extreme Sports 800A Treadmill

RRP: $2 000.00 Our Price: $1 699.00

Vision T60 Commercial Treadmill

RRP: $6 200.00 Our Price: $5 500.00

Spirit CT 800 Treadmill

RRP: $7 999.00 Our Price: $6 000.00

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