Force USA CrossFit Half Rack – EX DISPLAY MODEL

Force USA CrossFit Half Rack - EX DISPLAY MODEL

$1 699.00 $999.00

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The Force USA Crossfit Half Rack with Attachments has been designed to build the supreme athlete.

  • Heavy duty SteelForce construction
  • Force USA Lifetime Warranty on the frame
  • EcoCoat eco friendly commercial grade powder coat followed by a clear coating for long lasting durability
  • Extremely stable base to support the hardiest cross trainer
  • Perform any exercise you would normally perform on a regular power rack such as presses, lifts, squats
  • Chin Up bar height is adjustable between 243cm to 273cm so even the taller trainers have plenty of space to complete their chin ups
  • Heavy duty J hooks and safeties are adjustable to almost any required height
  • Quick release and select pop pins for J Hooks and Safeties
  • INCLUDES BONUS EXTREME CORE TRAINER normally sold separately
  • Includes Band pegs so you can also use the Force USA Power Bands
  • Includes storage holders for 2 x barbells

Take your training to the next level with the Force USA Crossfit Half Rack with bonus attachments.


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