Extreme Core – Commercial Fixed Lat Pull Down Machine GR602

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  • 220lbs weight stack
  • Enclosed weight shield to ensure safety
  • Main frame uses high strength 100×2.5mm round pipes and 100x50x3mm oval pipes
  • All bolts are made of stainless steel
  • Thermosetting electrostatic powder coating process, the equipment has bright colour and high gloss, resistance to moisture
  • Cushions are made of wear and impact resistant leather and high strength and density
  • Adjusting sliding pipe is chrome plated
  • High quality and quiet pulleys
  • Imported US LOSE army steel cable: 6.3mm, 18000N breaking strength, passed fatigue test of 100 million times
  • High strength solid shaft and sealed bearing
  • Chrome plated guide rods
  • 25.4mm thick weight plates of high quality steel