IT4 Gravity Inverter

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  • Counteracts the Effects of Gravity by reversing the compression we all experience in day to day life
  • Decompresses Discs allowing the tiny sacs between your vertebrae to fill back up with synovial fluid thus alleviating back pain
  • Improves Circulation by pushing oxygenated blood to your extremities, including your brain and eyes, reducing mental fatigue/headaches and improving vision
  • Promotes Lymphatic Drainage by stimulating the lymphatic flow. This increased drainage assists the body to detox and get rid of built up toxins, increasing immunity
  • Stimulates Pituitary & Thyroid Glands and Decongests Abdominal Organs
  • Assists in Anti-Aging Process
  • Package includes Instructional DVD
  • Assembled Dimensions: 1800mm (L) x 760mm (W) x 1950mm (H)