Cortex Athlete’s Package – Smith & Cable Machine, Bench & 80kg Standard Steel Grip Weights *JUST ARRIVED*

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Cortex SM-10 Cable & Smith Machine

Push harder to the your limits and train safer with our multi-functional SM-10 Cable & Smith Machine. Smith Machine comes fitted with linear bearings for smooth and easy movement, as well as essential attachments included to get you started. *Large bumper plates depicted in image are not included*.


Cortex BN-6 Bench

Support yourself through a huge variety of exercises with the BN6 Full Incline Bench that can target heaps of upper body muscles. Six levels of adjustment from decline and flat to incline takes you through 90 degrees of range. The BN6 Standalone Bench is compatible with a dip attachment and chin-up bar attachment. Both attachments can be purchased separately to give your workout huge variety.


Olympic Rubber Grip Plates

28mm Standard Steel Grip Weight Plates, Suitable for homes.

  • Tri-Grip Steel design for easy handling and durability.
  • Radius inner ring to insure easy loading and unloading of the bar and storage racks.
  • Embossed with weight KG size.
  • Sizes In Package Include:
    • 4 x 1.25kg
    • 2 x 2.5kg
    • 2 x 5kg
    • 2 x 10kg
    • 2 x 20kg.



Standard 28mm Spring Clips