Boxing is a relatively inexpensive way to get highly effective exercise, and this well-known fact has continued to keep boxing in the spotlight and a prominent feature in the world of fitness. Read this ‘Boxing Equipment Beginners Guide’ to discover the beginners’ guide to boxing equipment courtesy of a team of professionals with a fierce passion for helping their clients reach their goals.

What you will need

If you’ve ever seen a Rocky montage, you would have noticed that all the equipment wasn’t particularly sophisticated. For the most part, all that was required was primarily a punching bag, a set of gloves and a skipping rope. This is particularly accurate for anyone who wants to begin boxing and is wondering what boxing equipment they should buy.

If you’re planning to workout at home without the aid of a partner, then all you will need is the following:

  • A punching bag
  • Boxing gloves
  • Skipping rope
  • An interval timer

Now before you run off to the nearest sports retailer in your eagerness to “float like a butterfly and sting like a bee”, let’s take a look at each of these boxing equipment.

Heavy bag

For both the seasoned trainee and novice, the convenience of a heavy bag is always a bonus. It allows you to put in the work at home, performing drill after drill without the need of a training partner. All that is required is that a decent pair of gloves protects your fists. When your technique improves, and your punches become more powerful, it’s best to opt for a heavier bag to avoid having the punching bag swinging too much.

Boxing gloves

Now, not all boxing gloves are created equal. Boxing gloves will vary regarding quality depending on who manufactured them but also concerning their use case. Broadly speaking if you’re talking about boxing gloves that are used strictly for exercise then they can split into two categories, namely training and sparring.

Training gloves

If you’re training with only your punching bag, then these are the gloves you need. Their design and finish will differ from those of sparring or competition gloves, but they will have enough padding to keep your hands from getting more beat up than the punching bag. The quality of the glove will determine how long the padding they provide lasts which is why it is always important to make the right investment for the health of your hands.

Sparring gloves

Sparring gloves are designed to reduce the damage inflicted by each blow between you and your sparring partner. The end of the thumb is usually attached to the main glove, padding exceeds those in training gloves, and the shape is slightly different. Also, the weight balance is equally distributed from the knuckles to the wrist to ensure you are adequately supported from-punch-to-punch and the risk of injury is kept to a minimum.

Glove size

Now, you may not be a pro, but with the different sizes available you may be wondering to yourself, “What weight gloves do novice boxers use?”

There is no simple answer. Even if you were curious what size gloves pro boxers wear, there would still be no straight answer. This is because your weight determines the size and weight of your gloves. Below is a rough guide to the kind of gloves you should be wearing for your weight:

  • 175lbs and above – 16oz gloves
  • 147 lbs to 175 lbs – 14oz gloves
  • 147 lbs and below – 12oz gloves
  • Children aged 6-12 or 147 lbs and lighter – 4oz to 8oz gloves

Skipping rope

While extremely inexpensive in comparison to the other pieces of equipment you would need to begin your boxing training successfully, the skipping rope offers a host of benefits, benefits such as:

  • Better coordination
  • Decreases the likelihood of foot and ankle injuries
  • Burns calorie
  • Improves breathing
  • Improved heart health

Keen to start your road to the ring?

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