Gym Equipment Installation

Professional Gym Equipment Installation

Fill out our simple gym solution box below or send us an email with your details, one of our experienced staff will discuss your requirements and gather a few details to enable the right results to be achieved.


These include:

  • The environment of the gym.
  • Estimate of people who will use the gym
  • The size & height of gym Area.
  • Gender of users if known.
  • Your budget constraints if known.


Based on your direction, we can provide you with a floor plan and a quotation brief to ensure that your needs are fully covered. At this stage, it is not unusual to change a few things in order to achieve a satisfactory result to meet your expectations.


When you feel we have met your requirements and we have confirmed that the equipment is in stock or available a date will be given for dispatch at this stage we require a small deposit of 20%.


Paying the deposit will confirm the order and our gym technician is booked for the installation. Payment of the balance will also be required prior to the installation of the equipment.


If possible the equipment will be delivered prior to installation, so it is important that the site is secured and there is power on site.

Simple Gym Quote

To enable us to accurately quote for your gym requirements in the quickest possible time, please complete the below form. The information given will be kept in the strictest confidence.
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