Exercise Equipment Delivery in Perth

Fitness Equipment Warehouse values your patronage and wishes to provide the best possible service to its clients, we will ensure you have a good experience in all your dealings with us from the first inquiry to the sale and delivery of the equipment if at any time you need assistance we are only a phone call away.


To ensure that your order is processed within the timeframe indicated, please double check that you have provided the correct address and postcode of the delivery address for the goods. A phone number must also be provided.


Deliveries are made using a door-to-door drop-off system. This means that deliveries are made to the front door or garage of a single story building or residence.


Any delivery points or drop-offs that have steps or stairs will require an additional person to attend the delivery and will incur additional costs.


It is important that the purchaser is transparent and must disclose if there are any obstacles to impede the delivery of the goods, e.g, steps, stairs, gates, lifts, security systems, the lack of parking bays or a drop-off point is under construction.


Failure to disclose obstacles at the drop-off site means that the delivery may not complete and another delivery may be scheduled.


No refunds will be provided for failed drop-off due to misinformation from the purchaser.