Fitness Equipment Warehouse can provide a gym equipment maintenance schedule over 4 quarterly or 2 six months periods within a 12 month term with a start date that is to be agreed, normally this will commence 2 to 3 months after an installation, but can start at any time that the client feels suitable if the gym is fully established. Please note: before any maintenance program can be agreed upon, all gym sites must be viewed in order to establish the location has reasonable access for the technician to park within a reasonable distance from the gym, if the gym is in a multi-story complex and there is a security card system in place a card must be provided or security personnel must be on site to assist with lifts or the security systems deployed for the Gym facility.


  • All normal machine console functions are checked and noted.
  • Motor cover removed, internals cleaned and belt dust vacuumed.
  • Motor drive belt inspected for wear, torque checked or adjusted to manufactures tension.
  • Main deck board checked for fatigue or fracturing and noted.
  • Main deck walking mat condition checked and noted.
  • Main deck mat alignment and tension checked lubricated & adjusted as necessary.


  • All normal machine console functions are checked and noted.
  • Any machine abnormal noises checked and corrected.
  • Drive belt inspected for wear, belt-tension adjusted as necessary.
  • All fasteners checked, pivot bearings checked for wear and function.


  • All normal bike console functions where fitted are checked and noted.
  • Drive covers removed, drive belt checked for wear and alignment, adjusted or replaced.
  • Brake pad & brake systems checked where fitted adjusted and function tested.
  • Wheel or flywheel bearings checked and adjusted as necessary.

strength equipment

  • Including gym and cable strength machines, smith machines and power cages.
  • All cables & pulleys checked, linear bearing checked for smoothness of operation, alignment of cables, weight stacks checked for alignment of selector pins & fully function tested.
  • All fasteners checked and secured.