Energise your body and mind with these stamina boosting tips

Are you stressed, depleted of energy and unable to keep up? You clearly need to boost your stamina and endurance to navigate and handle life’s pressures. Referred to as endurance, stamina is your capacity to maintain your mental and physical faculties, and outside stress, with ease. Diminished stamina means a reduced ability to cope with your day-to-day stresses and physical exertions.

Exercise is one of the keys to wellbeing as it staves off depression, anxiety and stress by generating neurons that promote endorphins, the feel-good naturally-produced chemical in your brain. However, you may find yourself short of time and energy for even a run around the block. Either way there is help for you. Boost your endurance with these five tips, and power your way through the day with energy to spare.

Combination Training

Going for a run is great and it can certainly help your endurance however, when combined with strength training, your body is challenged to go further. Pull ups, push ups, squats and bench presses between running circuits, rowing and swimming helps to build muscle. The CR2 Cross-Rower is perfect if you need to do an all-in-one workout, providing twice the workout in half the time. Featuring Bi-directional resistance, it works all the muscle groups at once while providing a cardio session at the same time. An excellent option to include in your endurance training, which should never become routine but be kept as new and fresh as possible.

No Routine

Routines are repetitive because your body will get used to certain exercises at certain times, promoting muscle overuse and lethargy. Incorporate high-energy movements into your cardio workouts, but make sure you keep it fresh so as to keep your muscles guessing.
By switching routine every two weeks and increasing muscle tolerance, you will keep your body on its toes, ensuring each group gets a workout. You will find that as you continue to change the various cardio and strength routines, your ability to push further will increase.

Less Rest

The idea behind shorter rest periods between your workout sets is one of the secrets to increased endurance. Start slowly and reduce your rest period slowly, however, never cut rest out altogether. Maintaining a good balance is critical. Rest is absolutely essential to avoid burnout and stress on the organs. Too little rest and over-training is unhealthy and can lead to burn out.

Up the Ante

Duration and frequency are essential ingredients to your endurance training mixture. When you up the intensity and feel the burn in your muscles then you know you’re having a power workout. Upping the ante in short frequent bursts will enable you to push harder with more energy. This will grow as your endurance increases. Instead of getting tired after two minutes, you will find yourself only tiring after four minutes. This is a sign of growing endurance.

Push Through

We all know that moment when the body just says ‘no thanks’ after three push ups. You need to reset your thinking to overcome this. If you want to build endurance then you need to prepare yourself mentally for the road ahead. There are no awards for injuring yourself, however, you can push for one more than you normally do, and over time the more you add the more your stamina increases.

Once you start to become stronger, fitter and faster you will find that you can do the jumps, tucks, push ups and fast-paced movements with ease.

If you’re new to the world of working out, and are starting out slow, there’s hope for you. You may only find yourself running/walking/running around the block right now, but don’t stress about that; it’s the best way to start. Pick up some weights from the fitness equipment specialists, to ensure you are using products designed to help you achieve the best fitness endurance and shape possible.

Get your body and mind back into shape. You’ll be amazed at the difference endurance boosting can make to your life.

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