There are many benefits to having a treadmill at home, it provides an ideal workout in the comfort of your own space, allows you to avoid a costly gym membership, and is also perfect if you are time-challenged, and you do not have to travel to use the treadmill or wait your turn to use it. We are now entering our winter period of rain and inclement weather which can discourage us from keeping fit.  However, when you have a treadmill at home, it’s important to maintain it and service it regularly in order to keep it operating effectively and keep it in safe working condition.

The Benefits of Maintaining and Servicing a Treadmill

Maintaining fitness equipment is important as there are a lot of moving parts that must work together. Regular maintenance has many benefits including:

  • Improved Safety – A regular service keeps the machine running safely and can resolve problems before they become hazards and possibly costly repairs.
  • Increased Reliability – Regularly lubricating the deck and adjusting the belt will ensure you see accurate mileage and speed on the digital display. Improving the reliability will make sure that it doesn’t break down. Breakdowns can be a nuisance – especially if you are training for an event or fitness goal.
  • Cost Savings – Routine maintenance will help identify issues before they become expensive repairs.
  • Increased Lifespan – By preventing excessive wear and tear, you can keep your treadmill running for longer.
  • Minimized Downtime – Finding and fixing problems before they occur.

In Home Maintenance

In addition to a professional service, there are some maintenance procedures you should carry out on a regular basis at home. Such things include:

  • Cleaning – Dirt and debris can easily accumulate within your treadmill, causing premature deck and belt wear so even the best treadmills, such as the Lifespan Fitness Boost-R Treadmill, still need a regular clean. The deck and belt should be cleaned on a monthly basis. Also wipe down all other areas of the machine using a damp cloth weekly. The motor area should also be vacuumed & cleaned a few times throughout the year as sometimes the wildlife takes up residence in the warm and cosy space near the electrics.
  • Lubricating – Over time dirt, perspiration and rubber from the bottom of your shoes can make its way underneath the surface between the running belt and the deck creating high friction as it gets trapped between these surfaces. This added friction can cause the control system to work extra hard, significantly reducing the life of the treadmill. Some top end treadmills lubricate themselves, however many do not, so if you find your treadmill does require lubrication follow the simple instructions provided in the owner’s manual.
  • Aligning the Belt – All treadmills require belt alignment from time to time. The belt should run straight down the deck’s centre, if it does not follow this path, it needs to be aligned. To align the belt, adjust the Allen bolts on each side to the rear of the machine, but only half a turn at a time, if you need further assistance check your owner’s manual or ring Fitness Equipment Warehouse. Remember our advice is free !

When to Get Your Treadmill Professionally Serviced

Common issues that indicate you need to get your treadmill professionally serviced include failure to turn on, display errors, a malfunctioning incline, slow or damaged deck, excessive or strange noises or circuit break trips. If your treadmill’s running belt jams, jerks, tears, slips or skips you should also seek a service by a trained technician.

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