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What are Powerbags? Powerbags are a soft bag made with webbed handles and an inner sack filled with weight designed as a functional training tool for all fitness levels.  Powerbags are available in a range of soft weights. What’s so Great About Soft Weight? The design of a Powerbag provides a comfortable workout – its soft construction spreads the load of movement, enabling more dynamic and aggressive movements than with traditional weights.  Training with Powerbags enables incorporation of all the benefits of a power based lifting program with the flexibility of sports specific movements and throwing drills – ideal for sports requiring multi-directional power and strength. Where can the Powerbag be Used? Just about anywhere – inside or outside, on wooden floors, carpets, ovals, courts, at the beach, by the pool… Powerbags are designed to be dropped safely which makes them a great portable training weight. What Type of Exercises Can be Performed with Powerbags? The list is comprehensive –

  • all the basic lifts
  • Olympic lifting movements
  • lunges, squats
  • movement drills through varying planes, including rotation
  • throwing and catching
  • loaded movement drills, such as running
  • core training – abdominals, back and glutes
  • group sessions and one-2-one


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F.E.W. Power Bags

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