Strength Training Equipment Home Gym

Are you focused on building up your strength? Do you know what strength training equipment you should include in your home gym? Strength training isn’t just for building those big, bulging muscles. It also has several other health benefits, especially when people cross a certain age. 

For example, strength training helps in building bone density, boosting metabolism, reducing the risk of falls, preventing injuries, and managing your blood sugar levels, your mood, and general well-being. In fact, strength training helps you accomplish more each day regardless of your age. 

With that said, proper strength training requires equipment and the training to use it in the right manner. In today’s blog post, we will explore certain strength training equipment for your home gym. Keep reading to learn more!

Strength Training Equipment To Include In Your Home Gym

Strength training can be performed with the help of several types of equipment all of which entail you making some considerations such as space, budget, and more. A few examples of this equipment include:

1). Dumbbells — Dumbbells should be a part of every home gym because they are especially useful for strength training. There are all kinds of dumbbells that come in various weights to suit your strength level. It is recommended to choose dumbbells that offer a lot of flexibility.

2). Barbells and Kettlebells — Barbells are excellent for snatches, deadlifts and squats. There are several options for barbells such as fixed barbells where you can start with equipment weighing as low as 5 to 10 kg.

Kettlebells are also great strength training equipment. These not only help you build strength but also provide cardio workouts.

Strength Training Equipment Home Gym

3). Cable machines — Cable machines are also known as functional trainers. The biggest advantage of cable machines is that you get to perform a variety of free-weight exercises with the help of several attachments. Another advantage is that they take up limited space and some machines are also foldable.

4). Squat racks — The primary purpose of a squat rack is to provide enough support when you are performing squats. While you can lift weights without a rack, it is best to have someone to help you. Squat racks help you perform squats with weights without worrying about injuries.

5). Single station strength equipment — This category of equipment includes calf raise machines, power towers, hyperextension benches, leg press benches, and similar equipment. These pieces of equipment are designed for serious fitness enthusiasts as these help you focus on a particular muscle group. If you want the best piece of equipment for exercising a particular muscle group, this is the equipment you want.

6). Benches — There are all kinds of benches designed to support a variety of exercises. When you are strength training, you need to focus on building core strength. These benches go a long way in supporting you build your core without injuring yourself.

7). Battle ropes — If you have the space, you might want to try battle ropes. These ropes are a great way to have an intense workout session. One of the biggest advantages of these battle ropes is that you have to use both sides of the body. If you are in the habit of focusing more on one side, these ropes will help you fix those imbalances.

8). Resistance bands — You can also use resistance bands for strength training. While resistance bands are not meant for serious muscle building at a fast pace, you can still use them as a cheap piece of equipment to build muscle mass. You can also combine them with barbell lifts to add more resistance.

Final Thoughts

Strength training is not just meant to make you stronger. These exercises improve your heart health, range of motion, and muscle mobility which helps in reducing the risk of injuries. In short, there are a variety of benefits of strength training but you need to use the right equipment for an effective strength training session.

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