As the old saying goes “ There is nothing as strange as folk” having been in the fitness industry for 10  years we have observed some of the best sides of human nature and of course some strange behavior which makes one wonder as to some of the decisions people make as regards their health and well-being, as we get older one would think we would make better decisions as regards to our health but surprise! surprise! Wisdom does not necessary come with age as one would think.

It seems that we know we should be doing things that will improve our quality of life and happiness, but for some reason old habits are hard to shed and it sometimes takes a sudden shock or change in circumstances before most of us take action with things even when it’s in our interest.

Take for example:  we all know that exercise is beneficial to our wellbeing and  health, but as we get older few of us invest the time and money into prolonging our physical health and functioning while its at its best.

Why is it one might ask ! hard working individuals will devote a huge amount of time and money into securing a beautiful home in a prestige suburb, a top of the range motor vehicle, private schools and all the trapping of success, yet are adverse to investing in the importance of keeping their health in prime condition to enjoy the hard earned benefits,  as we know that without it nothing can or will function effectively and then if they are unfortunate to receive the bad news from their medical practitioner as one in three of us seem to face some form of cancer challenge as we get older and of course no amount of money spent will reset the clock. Even if we are prepared to spend huge sums of money to correct the things we have neglected.

Medical Research has found that exercise has played an important role in cancer treatments and has been shown to minimise the negative side-effects of treatments and those who exercise regularly will experience less cancer related fatigue (CFR) and increasing evidence shows that it also helps to reduces cancer recurrence.

Exercise will also assist to control body weight, increases strength, flexiabilty and cardiovascular fitness so its much easier to move and less fatiguing, it will also help maintain good bone health and even elevates our moods as the endorphins kick in, to keep us happy so there is only positive benefits to be had from a few minutes of, moderate exercise per day.

A medical study in 2009 compared 12 weeks of moderate exercise introduced to the care of 122 Lymphoma patients, at the end of the study the exercise group displayed better physical functioning, better fatigue levels, better quality of life, improved happiness and lower depression levels while improving cardiovascular fitness and lean body mass.

Everyone is different and If on medication a talk with your doctor before an exercise program is undertaken would be sensible to assess your current level of fitness and what is suitable for you. It is important to start with moderate exercise and progress slowly especially if you have not exercised before and remember doing something is better than doing nothing.

Some examples of exercise you might consider is yoga, tai-chi, dancing, walking, swimming, biking, resistance training and free weights to name a few, everyone has an affinity to some form of exercise and when you find yours you will embrace it wholeheartedly and once you start to feel the difference you will need no encouragement.

Women we have found normally favour the cardio machines like the treadmill, cross trainer, upright bikes and cable machines  which can be used in the privacy of your home, while the male gender seem to lean towards the strength side of exercise to include free weights, resistance training, cable machines and on the cardio side favour the cross trainer, spin bikes and rowing machines again everyone has that affinity to that certain type of exercise one just needs to find the machine that suits you and you will embrace exercise.

Once you have found the exercise or machine that suits you make sure you purchase a good quality well known brand as not only will it be more comfortable to use, but it will be designed for the human anatomy and will be purpose designed for the job in hand and enable the whole experience to be more enjoyable.

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