Are you looking to spice up your workouts by trying out new exercises? Why not try out these often overlooked pieces of equipment the next time you are in the gym? Please read below for more on the most underrated gym equipment.

Most people usually enter the gym and use the same workout equipment over and over without ever considering any other options available to them. After all, there is no need to break a system that works right?

However, when it comes to exercising and building your fitness to the highest levels, there’s nothing better than trying out different exercises by using various gym machines and equipment.

This not only helps you target different muscle groups but also keeps you motivated by preventing any familiarity that might result in boredom and/or slackness during workouts.

So, what is the most underrated gym equipment?

  • Landmine
  • Hex Bars
  • Bosu Ball
  • Sliders



If you are interested in getting a full-body workout, consider using this piece of gym equipment. The Landmine attachment is a simple piece of equipment that is made up of a short tube connected to a swivel joint.

To set up one of the most versatile workout machines, just place a barbell into the landmine attachment and increase the exercise possibilities exponentially.

You can perform a variety of highly productive exercises using this piece of equipment including squats, abdominal twists, raises and rows.


Hex Bars


hex trap
Olympic Hex Trap Barbell – 30KG


If you find that the rack is occupied, or want to change the way you execute deadlifts, then be sure to consider the Hex trap.

You will be able to significantly change your posture when performing deadlifts using this abnormally-shaped bar.

Instead of using your lower back and glutes to execute deadlifts, you will be forced to use more of your quads thanks to the odd shape of the bar. Hex bars or trap bars are highly recommended for beginners.

The hex trap can also be used in the execution of squats, power pulls and shrugs in addition to deadlifts.


Bosu Ball

The Bosu ball can be used as a platform or weight for different exercises. For starters, by placing the domed surface against the floor, you can create an unstable platform that you can use to work on your balance.

Doing press-ups and squats on this unstable platform will help increase the difficulty of these popular exercises; thus making these repetitive workouts more interesting and effective in helping you enhance your fitness levels.



When it comes to enhancing the effectiveness of body exercises these simple but underrated pieces of exercise aids rank highly.

To ensure that you work your muscles harder, albeit in a low impact manner, sliders make it possible for you to get a full-body workout. Sliders can be used on the hands or feet to make your exercises more versatile.

One of the most interesting things about integrating the sliders into your workouts is that you can use regular household items, such as paper plates, in their place.



Regular workouts, whether at home or at your local commercial gym, not only helps build your fitness but also leads to a significant improvement in your overall wellbeing.

Even the most dedicated fitness enthusiasts usually hit a plateau and lose their motivation as their bodies start developing a familiarity to most repetitive exercises and workout routines.

This also leads to a reduction of fitness gains associated with working out.

Adding the use of some or all of the above mentioned underrated pieces of gym equipment to your normal routine every now and then will help enhance the effectiveness of regular exercises.

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