There is always activity in the free weights section of any gym at any time of the day so this area needs close attention as the male members will favor a gym that has the best equipment that is suited to free weights. More time is spent in the free weight section of a gym so the equipment needs to be sleek and stylish in design, simple and easy to use, ergonomic with a natural movement when used.

The Extreme Core range will enhance any gym with its innovative design, exclusive high quality builds with real leather upholstery and stainless steel fitting ensuring your investment will remain intact after years of intense everyday club use.

Extreme Core strength equipment meets our highest standards as each piece is a statement in Biomechanical Engineering Excellence.

Call in to try the difference that an Extreme Core platform has to offer, our friendly staff will assist you in finding the right piece of equipment for your gym.

Please note: The Extreme Core equipment is indicated in the colour black which is available on special order, but the current stock is available in a highly durable, high gloss metallic silver finish that minimizes scratching, chipping and fading.

Extreme Core - G200 Series Commercial Free Weight Equipment


Extreme Core – Commercial Utility Bench

RRP Price: $300.00 Our Price: $210.00

Extreme Core Commercial 6pair A-Frame Dumbbell Rack

RRP Price: $320.00 Our Price: $210.00

Extreme Core – Commercial Olympic Weight tree

RRP Price: $390.00 Our Price: $250.00

Extreme Core – Commercial Flat Bench *JUST ARRIVED*

RRP Price: $599.00 Our Price: $320.00

Extreme Core – Multi FID Bench *JUST ARRIVED*

RRP Price: $449.00 Our Price: $395.00

Extreme Core Commercial 2 Tier Round Dumbbell Rack

RRP Price: $899.00 Our Price: $550.00

Extreme Core – Commercial Adjustable Decline Bench

RRP Price: $1,090.00 Our Price: $600.00

Extreme Core – Commercial Seated Calf Raise *JUST ARRIVED*

RRP Price: $1,099.00 Our Price: $650.00

Extreme Core – Commercial Knee Raise

RRP Price: $999.00 Our Price: $650.00

Extreme Core – Commercial T-Bar Row

RRP Price: $1,299.00 Our Price: $650.00

Extreme Core – Commercial Preacher Curl Bench *JUST ARRIVED*

RRP Price: $1,099.00 Our Price: $650.00

Extreme Core – Commercial Adjustable Bench *JUST ARRIVED*

RRP Price: $1,099.00 Our Price: $695.00