Fitness Equipment Warehouse is one of Perth’s most trusted suppliers of strength equipment having provided quality equipment to commercial facilities including the WA police, firefighters, Government Departments and mining sites for nearly a decade.

We are constantly striving to find quality products at reasonable prices and our weight plates will confirm this, check out the quality finish of our Olympic grip plates i.e. natural rubber with a stainless steel core hydraulically pressed to ensure they never come loose and contoured for easy loading on the barbell. Remember also not all bumper plates are the same, the cheap ones are reconstituted car tires? Check out the smell? Our bumper plates are the best quality virgin rubber with stainless steel core slim in section so you can fit more plates on the bar and color fast, so they never fade, remember it cost’s no more to have the best

Weight Plates


Standard 25mm Cast Iron Weight Plates – $3.60kg *CALL US FOR DETAILS – ONLY A FEW LEFT*


Olympic Steel Grip Weight Plates – $3.60kg *ARRIVING SOON*


Standard 28mm Steel Grip Weight Plates – $3.60kg *ARRIVING SOON*


Standard 28mm Rubber Grip Weight Plates – $4kg *JUST ARRIVED*


Olympic Rubber Grip Weight Plates – $5.00kg *JUST ARRIVED*


Natural Virgin Rubber Coloured Bumper Plates – $5.50kg *LIMITED STOCK REMAINING*


Coloured Pro Bumper Plates – $6.50kg *JUST ARRIVED*


2.5kg Technique Plates (pair)

RRP Price: $80.00 Our Price: $60.00

Extreme Core Competition Bumper Plates – $8/kg *ONLY A FEW LEFT*


Pendlay Fractional Weight / Change Plate Set