The unique smith machine comes in all shapes and configurations and all the top athletes use the smith machine to stimulate the primary and secondary muscle group development. The counter balanced smith machine is also a breakthrough in technology and offers more benefits and results than any other smith machine made.

Call in to try and see the difference that a good machine can make to your routines and development.

Smith Machines


SM-10 Cable & Smith Machine *JUST ARRIVED – LIMITED STOCK*

RRP Price: $1,149.00 Our Price: $999.00

Cortex GS-10 Multi-Functional Smith and Cable Machine *ARRIVING SOON*

RRP Price: $2,299.00 Our Price: $1,800.00

Force USA VersaSmith XL – Folding Smith Machine *SOLD OUT*

RRP Price: $2,495.00 Our Price: $1,899.00

Body-Solid Series 7 Smith Machine

RRP Price: $2,499.00 Our Price: $2,400.00

Extreme Core – Commercial Counter Balanced Smith Machine

RRP Price: $3,999.00 Our Price: $2,850.00

Extreme Core Ultimate FT9 Trainer *JUST ARRIVED*

RRP Price: $5,999.00 Our Price: $5,500.00