Fitness Equipment Warehouses is one of Perth’s most trusted suppliers of strength equipment and has provided high-quality products to commercial facilities including the WA police, firefighters, and serious athletes for nearly a decade we constantly strive to bring our customers quality well-engineered products at reasonable prices and our barbells will confirm this. Check out the knurling and bronze bushing even on our entry-level Olympic barbell’s they are hard to beat and remember all our barbells come with spring clips saving you the extra expense. All our Olympic barbells are beautifully engineered with perfect knurling and graded from our popular Athletes bar at 700lbs to our premium cross-fit bar rated at 2000lbs with no less than 12 bearing and snap ring retaining. Perfect for the professional lifter who appreciates quality.

Olympic Barbells

Cortex Special 15kg Barbell

Angled Olympic Spring Clips

RRP Price: $19.95 Our Price: $12.00

Olympic Quick Lock Collars

RRP Price: $49.95 Our Price: $28.00

Commercial Fixed Rubber Curl Barbells *CALL FOR AVAILABILITY*


Commercial Fixed Rubber Straight Barbells


Olympic EZ Curl Barbell *JUST ARRIVED*


Olympic Bicep/Tricep Bar

RRP Price: $119.95 Our Price: $110.00

Olympic Super Curl Bar *ARRIVING SOON*


Olympic 5ft Barbell *SOLD OUT*

RRP Price: $119.00 Our Price: $110.00

Olympic 6ft Barbell *SOLD OUT*

RRP Price: $135.00 Our Price: $110.00

Olympic Dumbbells *JUST ARRIVED*

RRP Price: $225.00 Our Price: $115.00

Deadlift Jack *JUST ARRIVED*

RRP Price: $199.00 Our Price: $135.00