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For fitness equipment, Perth’s top personal trainers and gym enthusiasts recommend and use equipment sourced from Fitness Equipment Warehouse. We are a vibrant company with innovative products that are suited for domestic, commercial and corporate gym environments.

You will find everything you require for your home or business gym, including bikes, treadmills, boxing equipment, rowers, dumbbells and much more. We stock major fitness brand equipment and source all our products from original suppliers, so you are guaranteed of high-quality, legitimate apparatus.

Dealing directly with the manufacturers of all major brands, we are able to offer discount prices on a wide selection of equipment. Come visit us at our fully-equipped showroom where you can try out any piece of equipment from exercise bikes and weight sets to rowing machines and outdoor fitness equipment. Decide what works for you.

For comprehensive corporate and home gym equipment solutions that work for you and helps you to achieve your ultimate goals, chat to our highly qualified team, each of whom is experienced in the world of fitness and equipment.

Boxing Equipment

Fitness Equipment Warehouse stocks a range of premium boxing equipment and accessories to get you started on your new fitness journey. Whether it’s kickboxing or straightforward boxing, we have the gloves, wraps and bags in various sizes, materials and configurations, depending on what you want to achieve. If you’re uncertain about which bag and accessories are right for you, just chat to our showroom team.

Crossfit Equipment

We have a large selection of Crossfit power racks on display, each of which can be adjusted to suit various requirements. Our Crossfit equipment include accessories and rack attachments such as monkey bars, chin-up bars and peg handles that help turn your power rack into an all-in-one workout system. Suitable for corporate and private use.

Exercise Bikes

Choose from a selection of spin bikes, upright bikes and recumbent bikes that offer low-impact workouts. Ideally suited for injury recovery and the best cardio workout, exercise bikes can be installed in any corporate and private environment. Inconspicuous and compact, they’re the perfect workout solution.

Home Gyms

Home gym equipment is ideal for full body workouts. Offering various workout routines that exercise selected muscle groups, home gyms are available in assorted models. Work your back, legs, arms and stomach in the comfort of your own home.

Gym Tiles

Interlocking gym tiles available in rubber, foam and plastic materials. If you prefer, we also have rubber rolls of mats to cover larger areas. Soft, cushioned and designed for athletic facilities and a lot of activity, these tiles are exactly what corporate or home gyms require to protect the floors.

Inversion Tables

Foldable tables that are easy to set up in any office or home, and compact enough to store anywhere. Used for inversion therapy that involves hanging upside for the sole purpose of spinal decompression. Inversion tables are favoured by physical therapists, chiropractors, and some home gym enthusiasts. We only suggest purchasing one if you are completely up-to-date with inversion therapy and all details concerning the practice.

Outdoor fitness equipment

We provide a range of heavy duty, steel outdoor fitness equipment for parks, schools and the health industry. Built to last, this apparatus is manufactured to withstand the harsh outdoor elements, and designed to provide comprehensive cardio, strength, flexibility and aerobic workouts. Ideal for most ages from elementary age up to the elderly.

Rowing Machines

Try out our quality range of rowing machines from major brands, at discounted prices. Indoor rowers are ideally suited for a full-body workout as it works all muscle groups simultaneously. It’s the perfect exercise machine for those who are pushed for time yet need to work out. Chat to us about installation and maintenance of your rower. Visit our showroom to choose which machine suits your corporate or home gym requirements.


Considered one of the most popular pieces of training equipment, treadmills can be found in home and offices across the world. Exercise at your own pace, with our fully equipped, high-tech treadmills. Features include tablet connectivity, Wi-Fi access and a variety of inclines to challenge walkers and runners.

Weight Sets

For strength training accessories, visit our showroom. We offer the best selection of dumbbells, kettlebells, and light and heavy weights sets, on display. Weights offer muscle workouts that treadmills and multi-gyms cannot.  Free weights offer great results, which is extraordinary considering the cost involved.  Speak to us about leading weight set brands that are designed to give you the best strengthening workout results.

Medicine Balls

We have the largest selection of medicine balls on display. Choose between:

  • Large leather wall balls, used in cross-fit sessions.
  • Dual handled medicine balls – a firm favourite with rehabilitation.
  • Dual coloured commercial medicine balls with slight bounce, to ones with high bounce.
  • The ever popular non-bounce medicine ball.
  • Swiss balls in the popular sizes of 55, 65 and 75cm.

Power Bags

With the onslaught of cross-fit popularity in recent years we have seen an increase in the use of power bags in different forms. Bulgarian bags are a firm favourite with personal trainers and the power bags and sand bags with separate inserts are a close second to the sand bags. You can vary the weights as you make progress.

As a vibrant and innovative company we go above and beyond to ensure all our clients are fully catered for in the world of fitness equipment. You get the best out of your fitness equipment when it’s from Fitness Warehouse because we focus on original and legitimate brands designed for home and corporate use.

Contact us for your strength needs.


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